At Tricorp we run our own 24/7 control room where alarms and CCTV are monitored for our own clients, as well as providing monitoring services on behalf of our bureau clientele. Tricorp can provide you with the comfort of knowing that your alarm or CCTV system at your home or business is continuously monitored by a team of dedicated professionals. We can provide monitoring services to serve your needs, whether that be via traditional dialler (phone line), mobile network or IP technology.


The introduction of the NBN has presented the industry with many challenges, the biggest of which is the discontinuation of the copper phone line network; the traditional communication path of the monitored alarm system. We can provide the solution to this problem. The integration of a 3G module into an existing or new alarm system effectively increases the level of protection of your alarm system to a level higher than PSTN monitoring ever could.


Additionally, a secure smart phone app allows you to turn on or off your alarm system from anywhere in the world, check history in real time, while also turning your phone into a mobile panic device. This module provides a truly all in one solution for the future proofing of your alarm system.